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    You need to be logged in to continue. Click here to login or here to sign up. A guy in charge of a rival fertilizer firm to LuthorCorp's talks an EPA investigator into commiting suicide, then arrives in Fogyás smallville.

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    He is intent on buying up the Kent farm and using the land to build a rival company to Lex's. After shaking hands with the man, Jonathan Kent inexplicably agrees to sell.

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    Lex offers to have his lawyers help. Meanwhile, Clark befriends a local recluse.

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    It turns out that the recluse and Lex's rival were both salesmen who were caught in a car accident and exposed to kryptonite. They both gained the same power of "persuasion" on anyone they touched, as the recluse graphically demonstrates to Clark by having Chloe kiss him!

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    Lex's rival finally manages to shake hands with Lex, and convince him to try and gun down Clark. Clark manages to knock out Lex and the recluse takes out his former partner, "convincing" him to shoot himself.

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    The recluse decides to go back into the world, but not before telling Clark that he shouldn't hide from his powers either.